Hockey Emma Nuutinen knocked out HIFK with a pass through the top corner – Kiekko-Espoo escaping to win the Women’s League regular season

HIFK’s questionable goal brought excitement to the Women’s League top fight.

Kiekko-Espoo – HIFK 3–2

In the top fight faced the two clearly hottest teams in the series. Kiekko-Espoo now ran away in the lead for a six-point run and the team has also played one match less than the Helsinki team.

In the upper division of the Women’s League, KalPa, Ilves, TPS and HPK are also fighting for the rankings. All teams face each other twice. Kiekko-Espoo and HIFK now have three matches behind them.

Coach of Puck-Espoo Sami Haapanen praised HIFK during the advanced season. Now the team is one of the champion favorites. Tonight’s performance was no longer a storm warning to him.

“Even a fool must understand that they have top-level reinforcements from abroad and Karoliina Rantamäki has woken up to play in those kilometers. If we have to wait for a storm warning here, then probably yesterday a snowstorm should have waited for information that it is now snowing, ”Haapanen said.

Haapanen emphasized how important it is to be number one in the regular season. The home advantage would thus be maintained throughout the playoffs. However, the six-point neck cannot yet be lulled.

“Especially there in the final stage, the home advantage is an important thing. Of course, there is still a long way to go. Last year taught quite a lot about these escapes. We embarked on a 15-point escape to the sequel and it melted down in five games. ”

Wednesday night in the struggle as a key figure rumble Annina Rajahuhta and Emma Nuutinen. Nuutinen, who joined the ranks of Kiekko-Espoo in the middle of the season, has made a hard impression on blue shirts. In the five matches he has played, he has scored six goals and scored 11 power points.

Against HIFK, Nuutinen was in the supply wind. He collected a pass point for all home team goals. In a 3–2 hit, he was the scorer Iina Kuuselan on the ice before snapping the top of the puck. The game device fell like a tray To Ella Viitasuowho riveted it inside.

“Of course I tried it. It was a tactical pass, ”Nuutinen assured with a smile.

Evening of the goals, the biggest discussion was caused by the HIFK 2–2 leveling. Emmanuelle Passard directed a really spectacular hit Petra Lamminahon from a line shot, but the paint smelled strongly from a high bat. However, the jury was reluctant to protest in Kiekko-Espoo and the goal remained in force.

“I didn’t see it so well myself, but the players and the goalkeeper thought it was a high racket,” coach Haapanen commented.

Johanna Kemppainen hit HIFK with a flash at the start of the match. In addition to Viitasuo, Rajahuhta and Nelli Laitinen. Star defender Laitinen once again had places to do the hat trick.

Both teams will continue at a close pace right on Saturday 16.1. At that time, Kiekko-Espoo will be challenged by TPS, HIFK’s Ilves. Kiekko-Espoo and HIFK will meet each other in the final round of the regular season on February 21st.

HIFK’s coach Saara Niemi broke the team’s wonderfully functioning alien chain during the Christmas break Clara RozierMichaela Pejzlova–Emmanuelle Passard. Pejzlova took his place on the field Karoliina Rantamäen next door and the trail has been devastating.

In the first two matches of the follow-up series, Pejzlova scored eight power points and Rantamäki seven. However, Kiekko-Espoo managed to reset the duo completely.


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