Hockey Defender Rasmus Ristolainen was left out of Leijon: “Injured what injured”

Under the leadership of Jukka Jalonen, the coaching leadership of the lions discussed Rasmus Ristolainen’s possible playing tone. According to Ristolainen, he is in almost one hundred percent condition.

Defender Rasmus Ristolainen is once again missing from the Lions Hockey Championship.

Ristolainen, 27, has spoken the puck the following year after year when he has never played in the World Cup, even though the NHL seasons ended early in the spring.

Ristolainen from Turku was also the player who was not invited to the Lion meeting in Vanajanlinna last summer. Even at that point, the idea was for NHL players to take part in the Beijing Olympics.

“Yeah, sure,” Lions head coach Jukka Jalonen answered the question whether Ristolainen was involved in the selection discussions.

“He’s hurt and couldn’t play for the rest of the season.”

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Ristolainen last played in the ranks of Philadelphia on April 12 against Montreal, but would start to be ready back.

“I’m almost one hundred percent fit and I could start training later next [tällä] during the week, ”Ristolainen said at the Flyers’ closing media event on May Day.

Ristolainen gave only a brief description of his injury: “Upper body injury.”

Ristolainen added that he had not been very injured in his career and therefore the injury took more than usual.

Jalonen did not leave to open whether they thought Ristolainen’s recovery was far enough away.

“It’s not worth thinking about that. Injured what injured. ”

Lions expects one player from the NHL regular season finishing teams. Paint sprayer Patrik Laine would be interested in Jalo and the team coaching team.

“The wave situation is still a bit open. He has had an injury with him. ”

Jalonen said that Laine would be willing, “but the health situation decides the whole thing.”

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“Wouldn’t it be clear in the next few days what his situation is.”

NHL The playoffs will start on the night between Monday and Tuesday, when almost the entire first line of Finnish hockey will slowly reach the playoffs.

“We’re looking at what’s going to happen there. We’ll see a hint of that, when practically no one will come here until our games begin. It shows how sensible it is to wait if the series stretches. ”

“No decisions have been made, but neither has it been ruled out.”

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