Hockey Czech match clears – how to avoid the Lions in the Canadian quarterfinals

If the Czech Republic wins Finland, the prize will be a semi-final match against Canada.

Slovakia took a vital victory from Denmark in his final match of Group A of the World Hockey Championships. The victory in the 7-1 reading means that Slovakia will be in fourth place in Group A and will continue in the semi-finals.

At the same time, the final order of the top four in the A-block was confirmed. Switzerland wins the block, Germany is second, Canada is third and Slovakia is fourth.

As a result, Finland’s potential semi-final opponents also became clear before tonight’s Czech match.

In short: if Finland wins the Czech Republic in regular time, the Lions will win their group and will face Slovakia in the quarterfinals. If the match goes to extra time, the Lions will be in second place and will face Canada. If Finland loses, it will be in the top three and face Germany.

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The Czech Republic’s position is even clearer – and offers the opportunity for a little tactic: if the Czech Republic wins Finland in regular time, it will face Canada in the quarterfinals. Otherwise, the Czech Republic will face Germany.

To Sweden The “Canada card” will remain in hand if Finland wins the Czech Republic in regular time. In other cases, Sweden will win the block and face Slovakia in the quarterfinals.

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