Hockey Corona restrictions clutter young people’s World Cup puck training games, Christmas Eve may have to take on a new game day

All practice games were canceled for four days.

Young the practice games for the World Hockey Tournament were due to start in Edmonton and Red Deer, Canada on Sunday, December 19, but the entire program of the preparatory games has changed.

Tighter interest rate restrictions and the spread of a new micron conversion forced tournament organizers to postpone the start of practice matches.

No preparatory games will be played in the next four days, and ticket sales for them have been suspended, the tournament organizer and the International Hockey Federation IIHF said.

Also The Finnish Young Lions had to play practice matches, but they were not played according to the original plan.

All games have been canceled until December 23rd. It is possible that on Christmas Eve you will have to play practice matches when the actual World Cup tournament starts on the day of slaughter, ie on December 26th.

Head coach To Antti Pennanen there is little time left to get the team in the game patterns as the training program changed.

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Young people The lions traveled to Edmonton on Wednesday. Team members remained in the hotel quarantine for two days. The first training day was marked on Saturday.

Finland will start the World Cup against Germany on the day of slaughter.

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