Hockey Confirmation: International Hockey Federation excludes Russia and Belarus from operations until August

The matter was decided on Monday night. The Canadian TSN was the first to announce the decision.

International Hockey Association (IIHF) confirmed on Monday night to shut down its operations in Russia and Belarus. The Canadian was the first to talk about it TSN.

“The IIHF strongly condemns the use of military force and urges the use of diplomatic means to resolve the conflict,” the organization said.

However, the IIHF’s decision is not very long, although the ban is still in force. The organization lists the events that will be affected by the ban in the current situation, the last of which will be the World Cup at the turn of August-September.

TSN has previously said that Russia and Belarus will be removed from the puck map only until August.

Decision keeps Russia and Belarus on the sidelines of the World Championships for men in Finland in May and the World Championships for 18-year-olds in April.

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Russia will also be left out of the June 18-year-old World Cup for women, the August 20-year-old World Cup for men and the already mentioned World Cup for women.

In the men’s and women’s competitions, Russia would have played in the name of the Russian Olympic Committee.

The ban on club teams only affects Belarus. HK Gomel will be eliminated from the men’s Continental Cup in March.

In addition Russia will lose the right to host the 20-year-old World Cup at the turn of the year. The IIHF will launch a search for a new tournament host shortly.

The fate of the 2023 Men’s World Championships awarded to Russia will be decided later.

“The IIHF is not a political entity and cannot influence the decisions made in the war in Ukraine. However, we have a responsibility to take care of all our members and participants, and that is why we must do everything we can to ensure a safe environment, ”President Luc Tardif said.

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“We are incredibly shocked to see pictures coming from Ukraine. I have been in contact with the members of the Ukrainian Hockey Association and we hope, on behalf of all Ukrainians, that the conflict can be resolved peacefully without the need for more violence. ”

Disc influencer Kalervo Kummola told the HS on Monday afternoon that it was anticipating a firm decision from the IIHF.

The Finnish Hockey Association demanded the exclusion of Russia and Belarus as early as Monday morning, Switzerland and Latvia made a similar demand on Sunday. Kummola told HS that he considered the statement of the Hockey Association to be correct.

In addition, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have time to suspend their cooperation with the Russian Hockey Federation and throw Russia out of the Euro Hockey Tour before the IIHF decides.

Russia is currently waging an offensive war in Ukraine.

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