Hockey Childhood friends Anton Lundell and Juuso Pärssinen are fighting against each other for a place in the League finals: “It’s cool”

HIFK’s Anton Lundell and TPS’s Juuso Pärssinen have known each other well since childhood, now they meet in the League semi-finals.

Let’s give HIFK and TPS young center strikers praise each other and tell about their season. The teams will face in the semi-finals of the hockey league and the top centers of both will be born in the same year and have been friends since school age.

TPS: n Juuso Pärssinen is a little older. He turned 20 in February. IFK: n Anton Lundell will fill two dozen next fall.

The friendship of the young people dates back to the events of their father’s career.

“The first contacts are from the times of Hämeenlinna, but then the friendship deepened at IFK”, Timo Pärssinen says about his acquaintance To Jan Lundell.

Jan Lundell fought the discs for a short time at HPK in the early 2000s until he returned to IFK, where Pärssinen made the result.

During the periods 2003–2005, Lundell and Pärssinen wore IFK’s jersey at the same time. Pärssinen became IFK’s number one striker in 2003–2004, hitting a whopping 62 points in 56 regular season matches. Lundell stayed that season Dave Stathosin in the shade.

The following season, the parts changed. Lundell rose to number one, and awkward injuries messed up Pärssinen’s winter.

The common seasons left a friendship that still carries.

With IFK there is a 50-year tradition that children have been able to enter the locker room after the match. There Anton and Juuso revolve around the big equipment of their fathers and in the hall the offspring has met for the first time.

Anton Lundell recalls that he has known Juuso Pärssinen since he was 5–6 years old. But not only did he feel, but the Persians have spent a dozen Midsummer at the Lundelli Ekenäs cottage.

There has been a hustle and bustle in the yard when Lundell ‘s Anton and Punch have organized yard games together with Juuso, Jirin, Jessen and Julius with.

“The years go by fast, but when you look at the pictures, the boys were really small when we were there together eco-times,” says Jan Lundell.

“Yes, there has been momentum.”

In the semi-finals begins a slightly different kind of hustle when the second and third in the regular season meet.

“Of course it’s funny that you can find a player in your opponent who you’ve known since you were a little boy,” says Juuso Pärssinen.

“Then, when the game starts, it’s not easy to think about who you’re playing against. It doesn’t affect things in any way. ”

Not only have the youngsters known each other for a very long time, they have been in the same trough either against each other or on different national teams for years.

“Ever since the youth national teams have played in the same competitions,” says Anton Lundell.

Most recently, they represented the Young Lions at the Edmonton World Championships, which ended in bronze. Lundell was the team’s number one player and puck spectators remember Pärssinen’s goal against Switzerland: a long haul from their own territory, diversions and finally a knuckle lift to the front corner.

“I have to put the best in every game.”

Anton Lundell of HIFK.­

“It’s cool.”

TPS’s Juuso Pärssinen.­

Lundell played a breakthrough season a year ago and strengthened their positions among the league’s top center strikers. Pärssinen rose to the front row and became TPS’s leading player this season.

On the points exchange, Pärssinen rose to 13th and hit 8 + 34 points in the statistics.

“I’m not saying it was a surprise, but it wasn’t worth the wait. It was a positive surprise, of course. ”

“Below was a long intact summer. My goals were to establish a place in the top chains, get credit and earn playing time. Through that, to be the leading player, and they came true. ”

Lundell would also have scratched 40 to 50 points – perhaps more – but the coronavirus interrupted his season for a long time. Fortunately for Lundell and IFK, those worries are gone.

“It feels really good right now, better than it has been for a long time. The body is fine and I can play, and there is nothing to do. At this time, explanations no longer help, you have to put the best in every game. ”

Lundell got a taste of the playoffs two years ago, but then the 17-year-old promise missed points in 12 matches. He corrected the lack of goal in a winning streak against Fly.

Pärssinen plays the first adult playoffs of his career. TPS dropped Pelicans in five matches, but the goal was missed by Pärssinen.

“It’s being sought. There have been several places, but I haven’t tasted it. ”

Both players are NHL club bookings. Lundell may leave for Florida next fall, Pärssinen has an agreement with TPS next year and is considering a continuation in the League.

“There have been some contacts there, but no decisions have been made. Let’s play through the season and then look at more. I haven’t thought about it any more, ”Pärssinen says of his patterns in the direction of Nashville.

“Infinitely smart, reliable player.”

Anton Lundell in a 20-year-old national team shirt.­

“Very strong player and good at protecting the puck.”

Juuso Pärssinen in the 20-year-old World Cup against Canada.­

IFK: n goalkeeper coach Jan Lundell has said he won’t give his son feedback on the games – the puck doesn’t go all the way home. In Persians, hockey has been a big topic of discussion, but more advice comes mainly when asked.

Timo Pärssinen soon became a player agent at the end of his career and now runs the office. For the time being, he also handles Juuso’s contracts.

And then the semifinals begin when good friends meet in a tougher place than ever before in their careers.

“I’m really excited. Expect and good feelings. It’s always nice to play games that big. Now there are only good teams left and only tough opponents, ”Lundell says.

“It’s cool,” says Pärssinen

“The first men’s play offs of my career were running and was a great and tight series against Pelsu. Two good, well-trained teams and luckily we were able to continue and now attack HIFK. ”

Pärssinen leads TPS’s number one chain, depending on Lundell’s situation, one of IFK’s top three fields. And both have enough responsibility with superiority.

How do friends see each other as players?

“Reading the game,” Lundell opens with a comment on Pärssinen’s strengths. “He’s a really good feeder, finding feed lines and chain mates. Very strong player and good at protecting the puck. Strong on the offensive head. ”

Pärssinen is able to analyze Lundell’s game with a couple of essential sentences.

“An infinitely smart, reliable player. Play a really good two-way game, but maybe bigger strengths are at the attacking head. One of the most holistic young players I know. ”

“He has a really good future ahead of him.”

After the semi-finals, one player’s goals focus on the final, the other gets content to play for bronze.

The league semi-finals HIFK – TPS and Lukko – Tappara will start on Thursday at 6.30 pm. TeliaTV and Cmore show the matches live. Three wins advance to the final.

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