Hockey Central Uusimaa: Miro Heiskanen and Joel Kiviranta of Dallas had a coronavirus infection

Dallas With players on the Stars NHL team Joel at Kiviranta and Miro Heiskasella was a coronavirus infection from which both Finnish hockey players have already recovered, Keski-Uusimaa newspaper reported on Wednesday on its website.

“I and many other players on the team had a coronavirus infection. It was fluent and stuffy, but the worst thing for me was the ten days of not doing it indoors, ”Kiviranta, who returned to rehearsals last weekend, told Keski-Uusimaa.

Before Kiviranta lived with Heiskanen, but after the infection the trip took a moment to the hotel.

“When Miro was diagnosed with the infection, I returned to his cabin. Mirokin has now returned to training, and we are starting to have a roster in order anyway, ”Kiviranta revealed.

Stars will open their NHL season in Finnish time early Saturday with a home game against Nashville Predators.


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