Hockey Canadian source: Tampere will play the World Cup next year as well

According to journalist Gord Miller, Tampere and Riga will share the 2023 World Cup.

Canadian TSN’s veteran supplier Gord Millerin According to him, World Championship hockey will also be played in Tampere in 2023.

According to Miller, Hungary has withdrawn from its joint application with Slovenia, leaving Riga and Tampere with the only remaining applications. Miller reported on Twitter.

Originally the 2023 Games were to be played in St. Petersburg, but the Games were taken out of Russia because of the war that the country had begun in Ukraine. For the same reason, the Russian and Belarusian national teams were excluded from this year’s Games.

The joint competitions in Riga and Tampere would be special in the sense that Tampere will also be the main venue for this year’s Games and the World Cup was played in Riga last year.

Still, the situation is not entirely unusual, as the 2012 and -13 Games were both divided between Helsinki and Stockholm.

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