Hockey / basketball As many as three teams are quarantined because of the corona – this is how the League is going to survive the playoffs

The league is planning a corona bubble for the semi-finals. The Basketball League tries to play the solving games to the end, even if there are quarantines.

Hockey Too tormented by an unprecedented wave of coronavirus. As many as three teams are in quarantine as the Regular Season draws to a close.

The League will survive the regular season by relying on the point averages obtained by the teams, but the risk of coronation also lies in the start of the playoffs in mid-April.

HIFK, SaiPa and KooKoo now have the opportunity to recover in quarantine, but the situation is different during the playoffs.

“If a team is quarantined for 14 days, it is possible that the play offs will run out of that team in it,” League Sports Director Arto I. Järvelä says to HS.

“There are no actual decisions yet, but this situation will probably not change from this.”

In Finland the coronavirus situation has been on the rise and there are attempts to control infections in some places with very strict restrictions.

In the league, the entire team is quarantined when a single infection occurs.

Other European series proceed differently. A player with SHL KHL will be disqualified, but others will continue to play.

“In Germany, the situation is that the patient is quarantined for two weeks and the others are five days away, but during that time two clean tests must be given. The Czech Republic has a system like the one in Germany. ”

The situation in Sweden is fickle and practices vary. Järvelä receives information from his phone about the match between Färjestad and Växjö just over a week ago. The game was played, but in the corona test, a red light flashed: a total of 37 infections.

Both teams have been in quarantine since March 9th.

“Korona is such a big problem in Europe that there are threats in every league and we talk to different series every week.”

In the league it is not possible to remain in quarantine for two weeks during the playoffs.

In order to find out the champion by playing, the League is considering placing teams in bubble conditions starting in the semi-finals.

“All versions are possible, but we’re not in the starting bubble,” Järvelä says, referring to the first round of the playoffs and the semifinals.

“There are plans for the semi-finals.”

Next considering where and in which club hall the semi-finals would be played.

The hall doesn’t have to be the biggest when the audience isn’t admitted, though, but many other things have to fall into place.

“The biggest factor is logistics, functionality, adequate conditions. If we take four teams to Bubble, there must be enough changing rooms, passages and training ice for everyone. ”

“Tampere has an ice rink complex, where you can find booths no matter how many. Akseli Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Vaasa could be quite close to this solution. The facilities in these halls would be suitable for bubble purposes, ”Järvelä confirms.

“This is our last option, and if the disease situation eases in May, a bubble is not needed. At the moment, there must be all the variations underway. ”

In the basketball league the playoffs are in full swing. The first three matches of the quarterfinals are behind us and the first solutions will come over the weekend.

“We are trying to find a sporty solution. We can change the lengths of the match series, ”Kisäväiga Vetävä Tom Westerholm says.

Now the best seven rounds are played, requiring four wins to advance.

Westerholm says that if a team is quarantined in the middle of a match series, the system can be changed from flight.

“For example, if the situation is 2-0, 2-1 or 2-2, after quarantine, the series can be changed from the best of five to the format.”

At its strictest, the play offs series can be shortened even more than that, but there are no plans to take the basketball settlement stages to Bubble.

“We don’t have enough money for that and we don’t have enough clubs either. A final four weekend could be possible with semi-finals and medal games. ”

Helsinki-based Seagulls play in the Korisliiga semi-finals against Lapuan Kobri and lead the match series 3-0. Picture of Thursday’s encounter, which Seagulls won 105-88.­

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