Hockey Artturi Lehkonen decided the championship for the Colorado Avalanche – this is how the winning goal was born

It is over 20 years since Colorado last championship.

Hockey In the NHL, the Colorado Avalanche won their third Stanley Cup championship. Finnish striker Artturi Lehkonen hit a 2-1 win in the decisive sixth final against Tampa Bay Lightning.

Colorado took 4-2 in the final.

Also the second Finnish striker in Colorado Mikko Rantanen showed his place as the responsible player of his team in six finals.

Rantanen scored the most power points in the final series with his 0 + 8 powers. In the spring playoffs stock exchange, Rantanen finished fifth with a power of 5 + 20.

Lehkonen hit 8 + 6 powers in the playoffs.

In the regular season the playoffs in Colorado, which won the central division, were strong, with no opponents grabbing more than two wins in the match series.

It is more than 20 years since the previous championship of the Colorado Avalanche. In 2001, Finnish striker Ville Nieminen played for the Colorado championship team. The first time the Denver team celebrated the championship was in 1996.

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The last time a Finnish player won the Stanley Cup was in 2017, when Olli Määttä played in a Pittsburgh Penguins shirt.

Tampa Bay had a chance to win the third consecutive championship. The last time the New York Islanders were able to do such a trick was in the early 1980s.

Two Tampa Bay, who won the previous championship, started scoring at the start of the first set. At the end of the game, the captain of the team ended Steven Stamkosin shoulder, and Stamkos got hit by a Colorado goalkeeper Darcy Kuemperin between the legs.

At the start of the second installment, Colorado brought the game to the levels. Canadian striker Nathan MacKinnon hit the puck directly into the corner Bowen Byramin from the feed.

Colorado’s solution goal came from Lehkonen’s stage after the middle of the second batch. MacKinnon input To John Manson even bounced the defender of Tampa Bay Ryan McDonaghin from the skate to Lehkonen, who sank the puck in Tampa Bay with a paint block Andrei Vasilevskin this.

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The third round ended without a goal.

Kuemper defeated in the final match of the season 22 times, Vasilevski 28 times.

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