Hockey Anthony Beauvillier, who took the New York Islanders to the seventh semifinals, fell into a can of rain in his backyard

Supporters tossed beer cans into the trough as the Islanders toppled Tampa Bay Lightning.

Islanders – Lightning 3–2

Profits 3–3

Victory goal in overtime, a continuation of the ugly 0-8 loss of the previous match, the New York Islanders supporters got mixed up after the hockey league’s sixth semi-final.

The hero of the Islanders, who rose from behind to two goals and reached extra time, had decided the match with his wrist shot. Anthony Beauvillier, whose hit launched a wild but dangerous celebration. The home crowd celebrated the victory by throwing beer cans in the trough.

“Beauvillier scored after losing the puck, and this match is over. Islanders greets supporters who throw $ 17 cans of beer on ice, ”reporter The Athletic Joe Smith wrote on Twitter to share a video he shared.

After the match, Beauvillier, who stretched the semi-finals, gave an interview to the television channel NBC on the protection of the Nassau Coliseum’s auditorium structures instead of the traditional interview venues, i.e. the exchange bench or trough.

“This building is going crazy. I’m a little afraid I’ll get hit with a can of beer or something, ”Beauvillier explained.

24 years old the striker settled the match after cutting off the Lightning striker Blake Coleman feed and hit the puck past Andrei Vasilevskin.

Beauvillier spoke of the madness of the audience even at a press conference. He said the hall smelled before overtime of cigarettes and then of beer.

Islanders Finnish striker Leo Komarov played in the match 13 minutes and 30 seconds. He got three tackles in his stats and a power stat score of +1. Underpower Komarov played a minute and 14 seconds.



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