Hockey A rare Estonian paint was the Joker’s joy in the losing streak

Kristjan Kombe scored a goal in his debut.

Jokers experienced the third consecutive loss in hockey KHL as it bowed to TsSKA 1-3 in its trough. The home team lacked the best due to injuries and illnesses, but it opened up seats for deputies. One of them was used by an Estonian who scored a successful goal in his debut Kristjan Kombe.

“Chain Tommi Laakso–Kombe–Henri Ikonen played very cheerfully, just fine, ”the Joker coach Lauri Marjamäki praised.

The Estonian Kombe, who was promoted from the discus crew of Mestis to Vantaa, who shot puck in the HPK juniors and the League, opened his hit account immediately in his first KHL game in 34.08.

Kombe, 21, who played as a central striker, easily got the puck into the half-empty squad after receiving a cross pass from Ikonen in a two-on-zero attack.

Komben the goal is rare in that only the Severstal Tsherepovets Robert Roba and played last season in HC Sochi Daniil Ogirchuk had finished the goal in the world’s second-hailed hockey league.

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There have been enough painters in Jokers, as many as 22 have now been hit at least once this season.

“There have been quite a few scorers. But at the moment, scoring a little beeps, ”said Marjamäki.

TsSKA acknowledged the leadership struck by Kombe soon. The clock only ticked for 14 seconds, when Joker’s goalkeeper Janne Juvonen, who had previously reached several rescues, was surprised by the starting point weave.

At the top of the third installment, Muscovites struck more steam with personal skill solutions. Konstantin Okulov served back to the second wave, and Sergei Plotnikov placed the puck past Juvonen in the back corner, 1-2.

“The discreet care and the last solutions were not as high quality as they should be. The victory went cheap, ”Marjamäki added.

Usually TsSKA has attracted crowds to the bottles when visiting Helsinki, but on Monday there were only 5,117 spectators.

According to the corridor speeches, some had stayed in the home auditoriums for reasons of caution, although a corona passport is required to enter the Helsinki arena.

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The Jokers will have games in their tense home game series in their trough on Wednesday, Sunday and next week’s Tuesday.

“It’s good to have home games. We have traveled a lot, ”Marjamäki reminded.

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