Hockey 27 NHL players test positive for corona test: Dallas Stars Finnish players did not participate in practice

The NHL season starts next night. Dallas Stars matches have been canceled.

Hockey NHL coronavirus tests revealed positive test results in 27 players during training camps, the NHL said in a statement. Infections affected nine different clubs.

Much of the positive test results concerned Dallas Stars players, for a total of 17 infections. According to the NHL, most of those infected were asymptomatic.

Dallas returned to practice on Tuesday after the corona quarantine, but a total of 14 players were still out of practice, says Among other things, Finnish players were absent Joel Kiviranta, Miro Heiskanen, Julius Honka and Esa Lindell. The first three NHL matches in Dallas have been canceled.

Several tests were held over a two-week period beginning December 30 and ending January 11th. A total of 12,000 tests were taken on 1,200 players.

The NHL season starts today on Wednesday (the night before Thursday, Finnish time).


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