Hobbies An experiment in the “Finnish model of hobbies” begins in 21 schools in Helsinki

From Monday, some schools in Helsinki will have free hobbies in the vicinity of the school.

Helsinki In 21 different schools, an experiment will begin on Monday, offering 3rd-6th graders a free hobby after the school day at or near the school premises.

The experiment is part of the Ministry of Education’s so-called Finnish model of hobbies project. The aim is to increase the well-being of children and young people by lowering the threshold for participation in leisure activities and thus increase equality. According to the Helsinki City Strategy, every child and young person should have the opportunity to pursue a hobby.

According to the city, this is not the case now.

“This is due to many things. The free hobby model is especially about doing things that promote equality, ”says the regional manager of the youth service in the culture and leisure sector. Tiina Hörkkö in the city bulletin.

The children’s own wishes were taken into account in the hobby offer, which was mapped out in the survey. For example, children wanted parkour, fine arts, movies, theater, cooking, coding, game design, robotics, and animal hobbies.

Corona epidemic has reduced children’s recreational opportunities and increased loneliness.

“When hobbies are tied to school days, evening time is freed up for families to spend time together,” says the regional head of basic education. Kimmo Mustonen in the bulletin.

Hörkkö also emphasizes the importance of hobbies in creating friendships. Surveys have shown that there are children in Helsinki who do not necessarily have any friends.

“Practicing, working together, and succeeding are important ways to eliminate this experience.”

The metropolitan area from the decision of the corona coordination group, from Monday, guided outdoor sports activities for people aged 20 and younger can be started.

Children born in 2008 and younger can also exercise indoors with special arrangements.

Information about hobby groups and registration instructions can be found on the schools’ own websites. The model is to be extended to all Helsinki primary schools from the third to the ninth grade next school year.

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