History There is a small village in Palestine, whose inhabitants still present the house of a Finnish researcher who lived there – Such was the tremendous career of Hilma Granqvist, who is praised in the world but forgotten by us.

The unique field material from the forgotten Finnish anthropologist Hilma Granqvist from the Palestinian village of Artas was digitized this spring.

In black and white in the photo, a group of little boys in their caftans are looking seriously at the camera. In the midst of them stands a woman dressed in a western skirt from the beginning of the last century, smiling heartily from under her cylindrical hat.

The woman is a Finnish anthropologist Hilma Granqvist, and the photo was taken in the late 1920s in the Palestinian village of Artas near Bethlehem. Granqvist lived in the village on two occasions and did pioneering research on major events in the local life cycle, but never received the recognition he deserved from the academic community.



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