Hernán Darío Herrera, DT of Nacional, asks for respect from the DT of Junior


Hernan Dario Herrera

Hernán Darío Herrera, technician in charge of Nacional.


Jaiver Nieto – Archive EL TIEMPO

Hernán Darío Herrera, technician in charge of Nacional.

Crossing between the coaches after the game in Barranquilla.

Atlético Nacional won a valuable tie in their visit to Junior1-1, this Saturday in the match of date 1 of group A of the semifinal home runs.

At the end of the match, at the press conference, the statement by the purslane coach drew attention, Hernán Darío Herrera, who made a public claim to Junior’s DT, Juan Cruz Real.

Herrera asked his colleague to respect him, after Real reportedly referred to him in derogatory terms.

“For teacher Juan Cruz Real, this one here is the coach of Nacional, my name is Hernán Darío Herrera, I am Colombian and from Antioquia. This one has a name. You have to respect it too, ”said Herrera in his first intervention.

Herrera’s analysis

Regarding the process of the match, Herrera commented. “We tried to have the ball, but it was impossible, in the second half I made changes and found a solid team, we tied and we were able to win”.

“Up front we had a very good team, they play well, they’re in the Cup, it’s difficult, we knew what we were up against here. They scored a goal for us in a defensive oversight, but it was the only dangerous one,” he added.

“You have to think about what’s next, see how I’m going to plan it in Medellin,” concluded the coach.

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