Helsinki | The new association hopes to be able to buy an entire island off Helsinki: “There were a huge number of people who want Hylkysaari to remain for the use of Helsinki residents”

Senate Properties, which sells the island with its plots and buildings, does not say in which price range Hylkysaari will leave for the next owner.

Four million, of which about one million will come from donations, two million from responsible investors and a fourth million from home buyers.

Such an amount is sought by a recent association that wants to buy Hylkysaari, which is traded in a state tender. The association plans to inhabit cultural-historical buildings and allow townspeople to freshen up in nature without “big money middlemen”.

“There would be a few saunas, a nature trail and a kayaking center on the island. There could be yoga and retreats in the area of ​​the gas plant. There are a lot of different plans, “he describes Ilona Mooney, Vice Chairman of the Joint Hylkysaari Association.

The idea to buy Hylkysaari was born, according to Mooney, in May, when the president of the association Ville Salmensuu read the news about the plans to sell state-owned Senate properties to Hylkysaari.

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First, the active people brainstorm with a group of six. Next time there were doubly interested people present, as well as at the next meeting and the next.

In an open tender, a buyer can be virtually anyone who sees potential on a historic island. In the general plan, the area is reserved for recreational and tourist use. Necessary living is allowed.

Association was put together at speed. The Joint Wreck Island was not entered in the Register of Associations of the Patent and Registration Administration until Wednesday, according to Mooney, after a small twist. Many of the members of the Ühinen Hylkysaari association are from Helsinki, but not all of them.

An application for a fundraising permit is now being prepared, but the permit will not have time to arrive before the tender closes. However, according to Mooney, ryegrass is not needed at this stage.

The association has mapped out how many would be willing to donate or participate by investing a larger amount that the association would later pay off in about 15 years.

“We were very surprised. Suddenly, there were a huge number of people who wanted Hylkysaari to be used by the people of Helsinki. ”

The range of contacts was wide. There are those who don’t have a lot of money but want to help in other ways. At the other extreme, according to Mooney, there are people who have accumulated savings to wait for a good use.

“There’s one person, for example, who has had a business and a lot of savings, but no offspring.”

And how many need value for money? According to Mooney, the condition for fundraising is that the donation is gratuitous. Promising a counter-gift would be prohibited by law. According to Mooney, the pot to receive from investors is about 1.3 million euros, according to this information. Donations are still being mapped.

The zoners have discussed, for example, the restoration of the main building and Villa Ida for residential use and the sale of apartments.

Wreck Island after the sale, the sales manager in charge of the property Jenna Kiukkonen said Senate Properties is looking for a potential buyer who sees the island’s uniqueness and cultural-historical value and has the ability and resources to maintain them.

The tender is still open for just under two weeks, until October 29th.

Kiukkonen says that he does not know what kind or how many offers the Senate has received from Hylkysaari, as the tender is in progress.

“Tenders will be opened after the tender ends,” he says.

Kiukkonen also does not comment on the price range and does not even say whether there is an amount below which the island does not change owners.

“We evaluate the bids as a whole and pay attention to both the price and the bidder.”

“And often the offers also focus on the final stages of the competition,” says Kiukkonen.


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