Helsinki | A reindeer moving in Helsinki was photographed on Saturday morning in front of the Pasila police station: “That’s where it rumbled on Radio Street”

The reindeer sightings that began in Helsinki on Friday have been continued on Saturday as the reindeer move south.

On Friday In Helsinki, for example, the reindeer, which surprised passers-by in the northern hague, has continued its sky further south.

On Saturday morning, a reindeer was spotted at a police station in Länsi-Pasila. Jouni Idman on his way to work, he got a picture of an animal that he said was walking south from Radiokatu to Pasilanraitio.

“I drove to the car hall and went for a walk to the office. That’s what it was like on Radiokatu, and I’m in trouble, “Idman says.

The reindeer moving in the middle of the city did not come as a surprise to Idman due to previous news coverage. He says he walked a moment after the reindeer to take a better picture, but the reindeer’s progress turned out to be too fast.

Helsinki police Friday’s reindeer searches proved fruitless.

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Police said Friday night that it will no longer be actively searching for the reindeer, but searches will continue once further observations are made of the animal.

Observations about the reindeer-looking animal have already been made on Wednesday in Central Uusimaa. On Thursday morning, an animal that looked like a reindeer was seen in Tammisto, Vantaa.

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