Helle | “It’s terribly sad” – Johanna Bäckman, who lives alone, would like to swim, but there is no place for valuables on the shores of Helsinki

Currently, with the exception of Hietalahti, there are no storage facilities for valuables on the beaches. Johanna Bäckman feels that lonely people are often poorly taken into account in Helsinki’s urban planning.

From the beaches it is often difficult to find a place to leave valuables safe. The situation is particularly difficult for those who come alone to swim and have no one to watch the goods.

Living alone in Helsinki Johanna Bäckman knows this in his own daily life. Bäckman would like to swim, but where to leave your home keys, HSL travel card and cell phone while swimming? It would also be nice to bring a debit card if you want to buy ice cream even after swimming.

As a solution, Bäckman suggests lockable drawers where valuables could be left while bathing.

“Why couldn’t beaches have the same compartments as, for example, museums or swimming pools? They could be at least on Helsinki’s supervised beaches, ”Bäckman asks.

He also opened the topic in Facebook’s Add a City to Helsinki group.

Idean he got by chance when he had to give up his swimming trip himself due to lack of storage facilities. Bäckman hopes that even those who move alone would be able to take a dip to swim spontaneously without major preparations.

“It’s terribly sad that there are wonderful beaches in Helsinki, but I can’t take advantage of them,” he says.

Bäckman suggests that a locker could be built, for example, near the booth of the coast guards. The Facebook group also came up with number lockable or pledged lockers.

Storage problem particularly applies to people who come to swim alone. Bäckman feels that very few people are taken into account in urban planning, for example.

“I don’t want to downplay the problems of families, for example, but single people are given terribly little consideration, even though we have a significant proportion of the city’s residents.”

Helsinki a team member of the city’s local sports unit Jukka Lundgren says there has been no demand for beach lockers and no further thought has been given to erecting them.

According to Lundgren, there is already a locker on the shores of Hietalahti, but there has been little use for it. In addition, the lockers have been broken and the keys destroyed.

“If people are terribly angry about this now, then you could try the drawers. Usually, they are just horribly vandalized, ”Lundgren says.

His he said the beaches should have good interiors, enough customers and enough staff for the locker solution to work.

“However, I don’t think this would be a huge success,” Lundgren says.

In addition, he recalls that swimming in natural waters alone is not recommended. According to safety instructions, you should always swim with someone.

Bridge at the moment, with the exception of Hietalahti beach, there is no possibility to leave goods in storage at the beaches.

Lundgren recommends swimmers to leave valuables at home and encourages trust in people, for example, next door.

“You shouldn’t ask swimming supervisors except maybe on rainy days, but it would be great to be able to trust even those on the neighboring blanket,” he says.



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