Heat The nurse wrote about the troublesome working conditions: Hus tries to alleviate the situation with instructions, fans and mineral water

Temperatures have risen high in old properties without air conditioning. When working above 28 degrees, caregivers receive employer-sponsored mineral water.

Unusually The warm summer has been painful for nurses working in the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus).

For example, in the HS published on Sunday in the opinion paper A nurse working at the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District offices told about the troublesome working conditions of the nurses.

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According to the employee, the temperature in the elderly ward rises above 30 degrees and the premises are not air-conditioned. Workers’ demands for air conditioning have been rejected.

“Employees are instead offered whiskers and regular table fans,” the article describes.

Husin Diagnostic Center for Occupational Safety and Health Jani Leino says that this summer, too, there have been contacts from the field about hot working conditions.

According to him, there have been problems especially in rental properties, where, according to him, ventilation technology has lagged behind.

“Mechanical cooling would be what would be needed.”

Various fans and coolers will be procured upon request at least at the points he represents.

“The employer has taken action quite well. The problem, at least from the perspective of my industry, is rather landlords and partners, ”says Leino.

“Admittedly, a table fan, for example, doesn’t cool a drop of air, even though it gives a little sense of comfort. Mechanical cooling would be what would be needed to cool the workstation. ”

Cooling has, according to Leino, been sought after by traditional liquefaction and taking breaks. The protective clothing needed for nursing has also affected the situation.

“During the corona period, we have had to protect ourselves more than during the normal period, so the temperature rises really high at work. If, for example, you can’t get enough to drink, then I’m not surprised that the staff is in a hurry about this. “

Hospital district acting as Deputy Administrator Maarit Virta-Helenius according to him, there have been individual contacts from staff regarding the heat of the workspaces. He emphasizes that feedback is welcome.

According to him, old properties, such as the Jorvi and Töölö hospitals and the Psychiatric Center, become especially problematic.

“Some of our old properties don’t have proper air conditioning because they are mostly unrenovated spaces that lack modern technology.”

According to him, for example, cooling technology has been built in Jorvi in ​​connection with ventilation, but the system’s capacity is not enough to cool the premises.

According to Virta-Helenius, a change for the better is coming in the next few years, when, for example, the operations of Töölö Hospital will move to Bridge Bridge, where the technology is more modern.

Acute according to him, the situation has been handled, among other things, with instructions. In addition to adequate hydration and pause, blinds, for example, are instructed to be kept closed and unnecessary lights and electrical equipment to be closed.

Staff can also order more breathable clothing, according to him, and when the temperature rises above 28 degrees, the employer provides mineral water. Various fans and cooling devices are also used.

Cooled pauses, on the other hand, are not always available.

“Old premises may not have a lot of chilled spaces. In Jorvi, for example, there is a medicine room that is cooled, but it does not act as a break. ”



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