Hear these women Märta Tikkanen’s outspoken letters address children’s problems and critics who commit “mother murder”, one of which she now met at home.

Märta Tikkanen wrote more openly to her Swedish female friends than to anyone. The four-decade collection of letters highlights the challenges of writing, the problems of family life, and the resentment of magazine critics that has reached the cost of fantasy.

Author Märta Tikkanen at home in Helsinki.­

Suvi Ahola HS

10/27/2019 2:00 AM | Updated 6:17

Equally thirty-three years ago, in the fall of 1986, author Märta Tikkanen is in an awkward situation: “This has been the kind of crazy mill I don’t know how to stay upright,” he writes to a friend To Birgitta Stenberg To Sweden.

Long prepared Little Red Riding Hoodnovel has just been published in both Finland and Sweden, in the original language and in Finnish.

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