Healthcare You may not be able to contact Helsinki’s health services, callback will not work

The city advises doing business electronically if possible.

Helsinki there are technical problems with the callback service for telephone appointments at city health centers, clinics, dentistry, coron counseling and coron vaccinations. The problem is really wide, communication is told.

Callback does not work. You may also not be able to connect by phone.

The fault is already occurring for the second time this week: the last time the callback stopped working completely on Tuesday.

Technical problems also cause the chat services of the counseling center, senior information, dental care, housing counseling, social counseling to not work.

The city advises doing business electronically if possible. If the matter is busy, you can go to the health center.

The suspension also extends to the telephone service of the Emergency Service (116 117). The city advises you to call 112 in an emergency.



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