Healthcare Three nurses tell HS their experience of the City of Helsinki’s recruitment restrictions: “We did the same job, but behind the screen the other got a better salary”

Employees interviewed by HS say that jobseekers have been asked about working in the City of Helsinki, at least in Esper. According to the CEO, it is “quite common” for contracts to include different terms and conditions for personnel.

“Not has not been working in the city of Helsinki for the last three months because we cannot hire you otherwise. ”

Thus, a caregiver who applied for the job of vaccination nurse through a private company was asked. He wasn’t, so he got a job.

The woman says she worked as a coroner vaccine during the spring through two different companies. He had been asked the same question in both.

Social- and Tehy, president of the health trade union Millariikka Rytkönen In an MTV broadcast on Thursday, the City of Helsinki and health waste accused Terveystalo, Pihlajalinna and Mehiläinen of an agreement that effectively prevents city employees from switching to private jobs.

Deputy Mayor for Social and Health Services Daniel Sazonov (kok) denied sharply the existence of recruitment restrictions.

Rytkönen says that there have been even more contacts since Thursday. On the basis of the new contacts, it would appear that cities other than Helsinki and other private actors would have done the same.

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Healthcare employees who have contacted Helsingin Sanomat say that jobseekers have been asked to do so, at least in Esper. In addition, HS is aware of other companies in the sector with similar practices.

Workers do not appear in this story by their names, as they fear it will affect their future employment opportunities.

Helsinki according to the vaccination nurse interviewed by HS, caregivers work at the city’s vaccination points through various companies. Some companies are very small, some large. Employees’ hourly wages range from 20 to 25 euros.

“There are almost 20 of these companies: small and large, which have entered into an agreement with the City of Helsinki for corona vaccinations on these grounds. Everyone was told that three-month quarantine, ”says the vaccination nurse.

Vaccination points also have employees of the City of Helsinki. According to the nurse, they have not had the opportunity to participate in coronation vaccination campaigns with a good hourly wage.

“Of course, we who had applied for this coronation vaccination gig job couldn’t have known that this had happened when we applied. The matter turned white for all of us later and it was wondered, for example, during the lunch break, ”he says.

The nurse says that at the same time as vaccinators were recruited from companies to vaccinate at a higher hourly wage, the city also recruits workers directly to the city to vaccinate at the municipal general official and collective wage.

The Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) also became a lot of nurses for gig work, the nurse says.

Second, A person working as a nurse in the city of Helsinki says that he was transferred to a vaccination point for a temporary period.

Because individuals paid significantly better for vaccination work than the city, he considered moving to their payrolls.

“Salary was a common topic of conversation. We did the same job, but behind the screen, the other one got paid better for the same job than I did, ”he says.

The nurse says she was on probation and could have resigned even at short notice. However, the answer to all the companies was that he could not work on their lists for three months because he had been working in the city of Helsinki.

“I could have been hired in neighboring municipalities and I was considering moving to Espoo for vaccination work, but because of the commute, I didn’t end up taking the offer,” the nurse says.

Employees restrictions on mobility are related to purchase service agreements on the vaccination side and outsourced health centers, says Esper’s CEO Stefan Wentjärvi.

“It is quite common for these contracts to include different terms and conditions for staff. Esperi is free to recruit staff, but the customer can decide who they will accept, ”he says.

Thus, the City of Helsinki may, for example, prohibit those who have worked in the City of Helsinki from working as gig workers outsourced to vaccination points.

“However, that doesn’t mean a person couldn’t work for us elsewhere,” Wentjärvi says.

Esper also has an agreement on the work of vaccine nurses at vaccination points in Espoo.

Helsinki the city’s vaccination contracts expire this month from all providers. Nevertheless, Esperi has continued to recruit vaccination nurses. According to Wentjärvi, the future need is difficult to predict.

“We have not yet received information about the follow-up, but we have recruited staff so that we can extend the contract if necessary,” he says.

Recruitment restrictions however, according to the caregivers who contacted HS, they are not limited to coronary vaccinations.

A nurse working on a monthly basis through the club, the city’s own temporary employment agency, says that she considered doing gig work at times through a private rental company for the City of Helsinki’s home care.

According to the nurse, her hourly wage would have increased by several euros compared to the wages paid by the Society.

However, he was told about the company that they have been banned from hiring people for home care in Helsinki, have worked for the past six months through the Society.

The nurse considers it unreasonable that she does not have the opportunity to improve her earnings by applying for jobs in Helsinki for the private sector as well.

“So I was prevented from working in home care in the city of Helsinki through a private company,” he says.

He is currently applying for a job abroad.



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