Healthcare There has been a major flaw in the nurse call system at Hus hospitals over the weekend

Due to the disturbance, caregivers have not received information on their mobile devices about alarms, for example. According to Hus’s communication, the disorder does not pose a danger to patient care.

Helsinki and the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) hospitals have had a widespread disruption of the nurse call system for all departments over the weekend.

Due to the fault, nurse calls, resuscitation alarms, refreshment alarms, emergency calls, emergency calls, monitor alarms, and medical alerts have not been transmitted to the mobile devices used by the nurses. It has also not been possible to make calls on mobile devices.

The disruption, which began on Friday morning, is due to a problem with the mobile device management system that Hus has been investigating with the system vendor over the weekend.

Hus’s communication tells HS that the disorder does not pose a threat to patient care. During troubleshooting, nurse calls and alarms have moved to the department hallway screens.

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