Healthcare Coroners lost their free parking spaces at Kasarmitori, replaced by a giant terrace: “Our places were taken away because of the beer terrace”

The City of Helsinki has removed the use of temporary car parks for employees caring for coronavirus patients.

Last In the spring of 2000, the City of Helsinki and the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) offered additional parking spaces for the coroners of the Helsinki Surgical Hospital at Kasarmitori.

The parking lot was reserved for those people who worked directly with coronary patients. However, the car park was decommissioned at the end of March. This came as a complete surprise to at least some of the nurses.

The nurses have been outraged by the fact that the car park was actively used by about 30 coronary care workers.

Helsinki city ​​emergency manager Go to Liimatainen it was a temporary traffic arrangement. It was decided to remove the Kasarmitori car park after the City of Helsinki decided to move the summer giant terrace from Senate Square to Kasarmitori.

“After a year, the temporary nature is starting to be quite questionable. Then we either go to a permanent procedure or dissolve it, ”Liimatainen says.

About a dozen temporary parking lots of the same style were established last spring in different parts of Helsinki.

Of these, the Helsinki social and health care industry now has temporary parking lots established in connection with the Laakso and Malmi coronary health stations and the Kallio office building. In addition, in accordance with Hus’ requests, the parking areas arranged for Mäntymäenkentja and the Oksakoski trail parking area were continued, Liimatainen says.

Helsinki For employees of the surgical hospital in Ullanlinna, the removal of the car park has caused problems, as nurses, especially those from long distances, may not be able to use public transport.

“For many who come from further afield, getting that car in the parking lot is a condition for work. This was a really nasty blow, ”says an employee interviewed by HS.

It is almost difficult to find a parking space in the vicinity of the hospital, especially in the evening. The removal of car parks for carers has led to some carers having to cancel their shifts.

“Yes, it caused resentment. The pandemic is still going on and now our places were taken away because of the beer terrace, ”the employee says.

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