Healthcare Consumers’ Association: There are hundreds of euros in differences in the prices of corona tests

In a comparison by the Consumer Association, the largest price differences in corona tests were revealed in asymptomatic tests. There may be even more surprising surcharges on the test list prices.

Private there are significant differences in the prices of coronavirus tests at medical stations, according to a comparison by the Consumers’ Association. The price comparison carried out in April-May included six companies: Aava, Mehiläinen, Pihlajalinna, Terveystalo, Seppälääkärit, Medipulssi and 9Lives.

The cheapest way to get a pcr test is at 9Lives doctor’s office, where the minimum price of testing is 114 euros. The most expensive minimum price is for Blacksmiths, where the test can be taken for 180 euros. 9Lives Medical Station also has the most affordable antigen test for a minimum price of 149 euros. The most expensive antigen test is in Pihlajalinna, where the minimum price of the test is 218.20 euros.

The prices take into account the Kela reimbursement, and in addition to the actual test, they include the referral required for testing and a certificate written by a doctor or nurse.

If test wants asymptomatic for travel, for example, price differences are even greater. You do not receive Kela compensation for testing asymptomatic.

The cheapest asymptomatic corona test can be found at Medipulsi, where you can get the test for 150 euros. The minimum price for Pihlajalinna is the most expensive: 267.80 euros.

Sometimes travel may require a Fit to fly certificate, in which the doctor takes a stand on the passenger’s travel safety. If you want a certificate, the price of the Pihlajalinna test will rise to 359.30 euros. The price of the medipulse is not affected by the Fit to fly certificate. Comparing prices can therefore save up to 200 euros.

According to the Consumer Association, the list price of the test does not tell the whole truth, but in addition to the test, almost without exception, various additional fees have to be paid. These can be, for example, a surcharge, a service charge or a billing surcharge charged by a doctor’s office for a referral and an associated visit.

There may also be an additional charge for sampling or exporting data to the Omakanta system. The total is also affected by whether the symptom assessment is performed by a general practitioner or a nurse and whether he or she wants a medical certificate in paper or electronically.



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