Health Super-short queues at Helsinki’s two outsourced health centers – The comparison is not fair yet, says the general practitioner

At worst, the city’s own health stations have to wait 90 days, but even in a few of them the queues are short.

4.2. 10:39 | Updated 16:45

Access to treatment It is still very difficult for Helsinki health centers.

Unhurried medical time at the Helsinki health center can be waited for an average of 35 days, says comparative statistics published by the city.

Due to the corona epidemic, the computational statistics do not fully describe the situation. A year ago, at the beginning of March, the average number of health centers was 28 days.

The city has not released figures in the meantime at all since the Apotti information system was introduced in late spring.

The fastest Among them are the Ruoholahti and Kannelmäki health centers, ie the two health centers that were decided to be outsourced after a heated political debate.

Privately run health centers began operations in early October. In Ruoholahti, there was no city of its own before the health center run by Mehiläinen. In Kannelmäki, on the other hand, the place now managed by Terveystalo replaced the former city’s own health center.

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Privatization is a four-year experiment that can then be continued for two years under the same conditions.

In Ruoholahti the waiting time is six days and in Kannelmäki 15 days. In Kannelmäki, the situation has improved compared to April last year, when the waiting time for the city’s own health center was 42 days.

Health stations chief physician Timo Lukkarinen points out that the comparison with the city ‘s own health centers is not fair at this stage, as private individuals have not fully participated in Helsinki’ s interest rate efforts.

“We have had dozens and dozens of working days burned for testing, tracing and vaccinations. There are still coronary patients in the backup hospital. We have to understand that our personnel have been directed to prioritized tasks, ”says Lukkarinen.

The Ruoholahti health station next to the cable factory was established to relieve the congested situation in Viiskulma, Kivelä and Lauttasaari. According to Lukkarinen, however, not as many customers have moved to Ruoholahti as had been hoped.

“I am proud of how Helsinki’s health centers have performed, even though we have the worst wave of the corona going. At worst, 30 percent of the staff have been ill, so it could even be said that it is quite incomprehensible to even have access to emergency care. ”

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For treatment access is monitored by a T3 code that measures the queue by calculating the third available appointment time in calendar days. In this case, the cancellation times included in the appointment will not distort the actual queuing situation.

The T3 number of the health center is the average or median of these times.

Worst the situation seems to be at the Vuosaari health center, where medical time can be waited for 90 days. So there are practically no free times.

However, the situation in Vuosaari is explained by the fact that patients are always referred to a nurse’s office, and doctor’s appointments are not granted directly.

At Kontula Health Station, you have to wait an average of 60 days for doctor’s time and at Myllypuro 47 days.

At the Myllypuro health center, patients are offered free medical time of an average of 47 days. The situation has deteriorated slightly during the year. In 2019, there were people in the waiting room.

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In Kontula, the situation has deteriorated rapidly, as the waiting period was 21 days a year ago.

Jakomäki, Maunula and Suutarila perform approximately as well as the outsourced Kannelmäki station. Suutarila is up to one day faster than Kannelmäki, 14 days. In Maunula and Jakomäki the figure is 15.

The health centers also have a callback service. In December 2021, the customer was called back an average of 3 hours 52 minutes after contact.

Correction 5.2. at 16.38: Corrected in the fourth paragraph that Ruoholahti and Kannelmäki health centers are among the fastest. It was originally mentioned in the news that they were the fastest, but the city’s own Suutarila health station gets medical time a day faster than the Kannelmäki station.

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