Health Miika Laine drank energy drinks every day, but then the nasty symptoms started – This is how constant drinking of energy drinks affects health

Miika Laine is happy to get rid of energy drinks. “Without constant use, it doesn’t feel like the heart is exploding every morning.”

Drinking energy drinks can develop a spiral that can be surprisingly difficult to get out of. Miika Laine, 31, says that she has had palpitations from energy drinks. Salla Laiho, 40, ruined her teeth with them.

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Pauliina Grönholm HS

7:00 | Updated 7:36

All went little by little and insidiously. At first Miika Laine, 31, drank energy drinks every now and then, but soon already daily.

Laine thought the energy drinks smelled and tasted good. The taste was sour and it became a good feeling.

The habit began during her studies while Laine was studying computer science and continued after she entered working life.

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