Health Many Finns have a habit that starts damaging their teeth immediately – “This is the last combination,” says the expert and gives an important instruction.

Professor of Periodontics Eija Könönen criticizes dental floss, hard toothbrush and mouthwash. “If the mouth is healthy, then daily eruption is useless and even harmful.”

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Teeth are cleaned with dental floss, interdental brush and toothpick. “It is worth using the interdental brush every day, because you cannot remove plaque from the surface of your teeth, ie the bacterial cover just by brushing,” says Eija Könönen.

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For Finns has long been taught that interdental spaces should be cleaned once a day with dental floss. However, the doctrine needs updating, says the professor of periodontology Eija Könönen From the University of Turku.

“You should replace the dental floss with an interdental brush.”

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