Health Leena and Eero Kivelä, in their eighties, have experienced tuberculosis and are now telling us what to learn from those times – “Before, treatment was more humane”

Nurse Leena Kivelä worked for years at a tuberculosis clinic. Her husband Eero Kivelä, on the other hand, contracted tuberculosis at a young age. Before, caring for people was humane and communal, they say. Coronary patients are more lonely.

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Leena and Eero Kivelä in front of the Åland tuberculosis health resort in Hämeenlinna. The hospital was Leena’s workplace. Eero suffered from tuberculosis at the Oulaskangas sanatorium.

Hämeenlinna Perch, in the middle of a rugged pine forest, is a handsome funky building. It is a former tuberculosis treatment center.

A stone’s throw from the sanatorium, in the middle of large chokeberry bushes, lies a cozy detached house. It is Leena and Eero Kivelän home.

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