Healing Tip Ridge Roomeo benefits from a long journey

The long journey is for the record-breaking stallion Plussa.

Caustic The surest winner of the T75 trotting round is Main Stage, the opening destination. Last time the stallion won even the heaviest. Now the five-year-old is paved the way to the lead. If it succeeds at a loss, speculation would require a colorful imagination.

The battle pair for the third target is Com Tuff – Tattoo Avenger. We flag for the former. Com Tuff wrote strongly on the river in Bronze. Now the task is more appropriate and the number one track has a seam to hold the bow position. From that, the return to the profit base is almost.

Carefully filled games include Ridge Roomeo (item 2). Marita and Markus Kiisken the eyeball is more dangerous than its board. The galleries have only disturbed me too much, as I did in Härmä last time. The long journey is for the record-breaking stallion Plussa. While staying on the trot, it is ready to surprise.

Toto75 Round 27 Caustic, HS Hint System:

1st Departure: 4 (5.6)

2nd outlet: 4,5,1 (7,6)

3rd Departure: 1 (9.2)

4th Departure: 6.7 (8.2)

Start 5: 1,2,5,12,6,9 (7,8)

6th Departure: 5,8,3 (4,6)

Output 7: 5,10,12,13,15,16,14 (2,3)

EUR 37.80. Spare horses in brackets. Game time ends on Saturday (July 10) at 3 p.m.



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