Harvest | Versatile zucchini is now at its best – These tricks take the taste of the vegetable to a new level

The zucchini harvest can be used in many dishes and baked goods.

Good Here’s the secret to a zucchini dish: Pick the small or medium-sized green pods, so they still have a lot of flavor left in them. The long and thickly bulging vegetables look spectacular, but are unfortunately tasteless.

Abundant the zucchini crop can be used in many dishes and baked goods. Try making it an oven dish in the style of lasagna. In this “lasagna” there is no pasta at all, instead the lasagna sheets are replaced with zucchini slices.

The good thing about zucchini is that it contains a lot of water, so the vegetable is a low-calorie food. The downside of zucchini is that it contains a lot of water – you have to get it out of this dish so that there is not too much liquid left in the pan after baking.

A few tricks are in order: cut the zucchini into as thin slices as possible. Salt the slices and let them season for about a quarter of an inch, because the salt draws the liquid out of the vegetable. Rinse and pat dry. Fry the slices for 1-2 minutes in a pan or on the grill.

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If the tricks mentioned above seem too laborious, you can pour the slices directly into the baking dish, and simply pour off the excess liquid after baking. (You should save the liquid and use it for soup or risotto.)

Grated zucchini makes the cake juicy.

From zucchini also makes a great cake. Vegetable grater makes the pastry juicy and improves its shelf life.

You can sprinkle a good layer of powdered sugar on top of the cake or melt chocolate and pour it into stripes on the cake. The kindred spirit of carrot cake also doesn’t mind the American carrot cake’s credit partner, i.e. cream cheese frosting. It’s a great flavor pair as a partner to this cake as well.

Kesäkupitsa makes tasty side dishes.

And a couple more side tip.

Koreans know how to tame vegetables. Cabbage is fermented to create a sumptuous taste of kimchi. Other vegetables can be prepared with the same technique. In the zucchini kimchi of the American website Food 52, the vegetable can be flavored with gochujang and rice vinegar. If you have an impatient nature, i.e. you want something good to eat right away, then try this: fry the zucchini on the grill or in a pan in oil and mix with the gochujang marinade. Thus, a clever addition is created as a companion for grilled dishes or as a richly flavored surprise at the appetizer table.

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