Harjavalta | The police completed the investigation of the hotel fire two years ago, no crime is suspected

The investigation did not provide full certainty as to the cause of the fire.

Southwest Finland the police say they have completed the investigation into the cause of the fire of the hotel Hiitteenharju, which burned down in Harjavalla in July 2021. The entire main building of the hotel was completely destroyed in the fire. There were no customers in the building at the time of the fire.

The police say that based on the investigation, there is no reason to suspect a crime in the case.

The police announced the completion of the investigation today, Wednesday.

Under investigation the cause of the fire could not be fully ascertained. Consequently, what would have caused the burning of the main building itself could not be found out.

The police had two lines of inquiry during the investigation. According to the police, the first was related to an arc caused by an overvoltage in the hotel’s electrical network. Another of the lines of investigation was related to the possible start of the fire from cigarette residue in the hotel’s smoking area. The week before the fire was very hot and dry.

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According to the police, finding out the official cause of the fire has been complicated by the fact that the main building was completely destroyed in the fire.

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