Happiness For the fourth year in a row, Finland is the happiest country in the world

All the Nordic countries were ranked in the top eight in the World Happiness Report.

Tomorrow to be published World Happiness Report has defined Finland as the happiest country in the world. Finland will receive the title for the fourth time in a row.

The top three places in the report went to the Nordic countries, with Iceland ranking second and Denmark third. All the Nordic countries ranked in the top ten, with Sweden in sixth and Norway in eighth. The only non-European country in the top ten was New Zealand in ninth place.

A total of 153 states were listed in the report. Finland’s score in the measurement is 7,889, while Iceland, which ranks second, scored 7,575.

The last twenty places were linked by the recent past or ongoing wars or otherwise unstable conditions, as well as poverty. According to the report, the happiest country is Zimbabwe, with a score of 3,160.

To the report was answered by about a thousand inhabitants from each country, and the report is based on the average of the surveys conducted in 2018–2020.

Happiness in the report is measured by looking at various factors that affect well-being. The report takes into account GDP and corruption, as well as people’s social support networks, health, generosity and freedom to make choices.

Happiness was determined, among other things, by the respondents having to rate their lives on a scale of 0–10. On a scale of 10 meant the best possible and 0 the worst possible life.

In addition, respondents were asked if they had smiled, laughed, or experienced the enjoyment of their lives the day before.

Negative emotions, on the other hand, were elucidated by mapping respondents ’negative emotions during the previous day. Such feelings included anxiety, grief, and anger, among others.

The World Happiness Report will be published for the ninth time this year.

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