Handball The Finnish handball players also made it necessary to open the European Championship qualifiers

“We have to play against tougher opponents for the team to develop,” head coach Ola Lindgren said.

Finland – Georgia 30–23

Finland the men’s national handball team continued their strong grips recently and advanced to the next stage of the European Championship qualifiers at the expense of Georgia. Finland defeated Georgia on Sunday in Vantaa on 30–23 (18–12) and won the two-part match with 52–45 goals.

Finland grabbed the lead with an effective finish at the beginning of the match and the goalkeeper Mikael Mäkelän with great salvation. The teams ‘first partial match ended in a draw in Georgia on Wednesday, as did the parties’ World Cup qualifier in Vantaa last November.

“We immediately got the game on top of a good tempo. The guy was a bit deficient, with injuries and anything else that we might have gotten a little benefit from. We still knew we had to fight, and we got control of the match right from the start, ”seven goals hit Roni Syrjälä inches.

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Youthful Finland again succeeded on a large front, as in its home tournament of the World Cup qualifiers in November. Top player Benjamin Helander was in the lead due to injury from Georgia matches, but the absence of an important scorer did not shake the energetic home team.

“All the young players have come along really open-mindedly and they want to learn. We have got a lot of jeezes from them, and I think the future looks really good, ”Syrjälä, 26, who represents Cocks, continued.

The actual block stage of the European Championship qualifiers will be played between next October and March 2023. The European Championship finals will be played in January 2024 in Germany.

National team important matches will continue as early as March in the second round of the World Cup qualifiers, but the opponent of the two-part qualifier playoff is not yet clear.

However, it is clear that Finland will enter the next stages as an underdog, both in the World Cup and European Championship qualifiers.

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“We have to play against tougher opponents for the team to evolve. To do that, we have to meet the best teams and learn from them, ”says the Swedish head coach of Finland Ola Lindgren said.

“In the previous European Championship qualifiers, we respected our opponents too much, but I think we are now one step closer,” Lindgren continued, referring to the European Championship qualifiers played last year and the second year, in which Finland was left behind.

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