Haiti At least 28 people involved in assassination of Haitian president – eight suspects still on the run

In the aftermath of the early Wednesday death, more than a dozen Colombians and two Americans have been arrested. At least three suspects are said to have been killed.

Haiti presidential Jovenel Moïsen at least 28 people were involved in the assassination, Haitian police say. Two of those involved in the death are Americans and the rest are Colombians.

Police say they have arrested a total of 15 Colombians as well as two Americans with Haitian roots. In addition, the police chief Leon Charles says three Colombians have been killed and eight are still on the run.

On Wednesday, police said four suspects were killed and, for example, U.S. NBC News reported a total of seven dead. UN Ambassador to Haiti Helen La Lime also said earlier that police had killed four people who attacked the president’s apartment.

However, according to the news agency AFP, Police Chief Charles did not say why the discrepancies are due to the deaths.

Taiwan reported on Friday that police have arrested 11 presidents of the assassination of 11 presidents after escaping from the country’s embassy in Port-au-Prince, according to news agency AFP.

According to the Taiwanese embassy, ​​“police launched the operation at about four o’clock on Thursday and successfully arrested 11 suspects”. The embassy said it agreed “without hesitation” to a police request to investigate the area.

Police Chief Leon Charles spoke to the public on Thursday.

According to police, the weapons and materials used by the killers are in the possession of the police. Authorities have not said anything about the suspects’ possible motives.

The U.S. State Department said earlier that it could not confirm that the authorities had apprehended U.S. citizens.

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Moïse was 53 years old at the time of his death. He has served as President of Haiti since 2017. Moise’s presidency was associated with controversy over, among other things, when his term ends. Moise’s opponents considered his mandate illegal.

The police are due to interrogate the agents responsible for Moise’s safety on the night of the death in the coming days.

“I have authorized (the police) to interview security agents close to President Jovenel Moïsen,” said the head of the prosecutor’s office Bed-Ford Claude the day after the bloodbath.

“If you were responsible for the president’s safety, where were you? What did you do to prevent the fate this president experienced,” Claude asked.

The presidential assassination has plunged poor and violent Haiti into ever deeper chaos. The country does not currently have a president or a functioning parliament.

Police Chief Leon Charles vowed to continue the hunt for the alleged assassins.

“We are stepping up our investigations and search techniques to catch the remaining eight mercenaries,” he said.

Representative of the United States Department of State Ned Pricen Haiti has asked the United States for help in investigating the assassination.

“We are aware of the Haitian National Police’s request for investigative assistance and the United States is responding to the request,” Price told reporters.

A two-week mourning period has been declared for Haiti over the death of the president.



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