Hacking The case of the correspondent delays the processing of other crime reports by the police – the graphics show how the blackmail case will revolutionize Finland’s crime statistics this year

It is estimated that about 25,000 people have filed a criminal report in the case of the psychotherapy center Vastamo. It delays the processing of other criminal reports and may have a wider impact on police action.

Psychotherapy center The large number of criminal reports made about a hacking incident at the reception desk delays the processing of other criminal reports and may affect the activities of the police more broadly during the rest of the year.

“Police departments have moved a lot of police officers to record criminal reports with the Vastamo case. Some police departments also in the field and criminal investigations side of the police is divided into a number of declarations in the register system. These resources will be out of other police work for a while, ”says the Police Inspector of the Police Board. Kimmo Ulkuniemi.

Police estimate that about 25,000 people have so far reported a criminal case on Vastamo’s case. The tangle of crimes is causing a clear peak in this year’s crime statistics in Finland.

The graph below shows the number of criminal suspicions recorded by police on a weekly basis this year. All crimes included in the Penal Code are included.

According to the police, the significant statistical peak at week 43 is due to the case of Vastamo.

Answer room the case creates an even bigger peak in crime statistics when looking at the situation by crime title.

According to the Central Criminal Police, crime reports have been recorded as suspected extortion and dissemination of information that infringes on privacy.

“If a person’s information has been leaked into the network and a blackmail message has been sent to him, then both of these criminal offenses come into play. If for some reason a person has not been sent a blackmail message, then the criminal title of blackmail will be omitted, ”says the Central Criminal Police Crime Commissioner. Marko Leponen.

Due to the case of the respondent, the number of suspected criminal offenses for these criminal titles will increase more than ten and twenty times this year compared to the previous two years.

All to date, criminal reports on the case of Vastamo do not yet appear in the statistics, as some of the reports have not yet been entered in the criminal reporting system.

The data of each crime report must be manually transmitted to the crime reporting system by the police. The employee must identify the suspected criminal offenses in the criminal report and ensure that the report contains all relevant information.

“The influx of crime reports was huge at the stage when blackmail messages were sent to Vastamo’s customers. Since then, the number of new crime reports has dwindled, but they are still coming, ”says Leponen.

The number of criminal reports may increase during the rest of the year.

“Some file a crime report faster than others. The total number of victims is estimated at 30,000–40,000, ”says Leponen.

Police Board According to Kimmo Ulkuniemi, there have been so many criminal reports related to Vastamo that it delays the registration of other criminal reports as well.

Police have previously asked people in their bulletin for patience over the incident.

“Although there is some delay in the recording of criminal reports, criminal investigations generally operate normally. However, there may be some effect when criminal investigation personnel are now also used to record criminal reports, ”says Ulkuniemi.

According to Ulkuniemi, it is difficult to assess how long the emergency will continue in the police.

“My own assessment is that this will affect policing for the rest of the year,” he says.

The Central Criminal Police continues to investigate the identity of the perpetrator or perpetrators.


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