Gymnastics Tampere-based Minetit charmed the audience and won the team gymnastics world championship: “Awesome feeling”

The OVO Team from Espoo was unexpectedly left without a medal at the World Championships in Helsinki.

Noise Minetit from Tampere celebrated his third world championship in team gymnastics on Sunday in the full Helsinki Ice Rink.

Minetit rose to the championship with his emotional and technically demanding Kalevala-themed performance.

Minetti’s gold team practiced Oona Haatananen, Jessica Hakala, Iinu Häkkinen, Laura Kiljunen, Adaliina Niininen, Emmi Nikkilä, Siiri Puuska, Neea Sivill and Meeriellen Sukari.

The teams are coached Titta Heikkilä and Teija Kukkala.

For Sunday’s finals, Minetit took the top spot when it also won Saturday’s qualifier.

In the final, the team scored 19,550 points. The qualifying score was 19.2. The World Championship was decided by a total of 38,750 points in the final and qualifiers.

The last time Minetit celebrated the World Championship was in 2017, even then at the Games held in Helsinki. The team was also a champion in 2015. Two years ago, the team was in World Championship silver.

“This championship feels best of all. This was also the most superior of our three championships. A lot of work has been done in front of the assembly during the summer, and gold was the only goal, ”Heikkilä said.

Part Minetti’s regular team of gymnasts stopped competing in the spring. Two gymnasts under 18 were promoted from the junior team.

Additional help was received from the Illusion Dance and Gymnastics Club in Jyväskylä, where Oona Haatanen, Laura Kiljunen and Neea Sivil started in Minete. Haatanen and Kiljunen were reserve gymnasts at the World Championships.

The Russian team Madonna lost to the Minet, 0.25 points (38,500). The second Russian team, the Express, was third (38,350).

“Awesome feel. The championship was the result of hard work. It was not self-evident. After qualifying for Saturday, we stayed calm and decided to take care of the job. We got a good team together, ”said Minmi captain Emmi Nikkilä.

Nikkilä practiced his third championship in the ranks of Minetti. Jessica Hakala and Siiri Puuska did the same.

“The first championship came from the bush and surprised. Since then, hunger has increased while eating, ”said Nikkilä, 22.

Many team gymnasts have ended their careers at the same age as Nikkilä.

“A good team and development encourage us to continue. Now let’s celebrate and take a little break. Then we think about what to do next, ”Nikkilä answered.

The most however, there are gold medals in team gymnastics Anton Laineella, who has designed choreographies for a total of ten Finnish gold medal gymnastics.

Laine came to the Helsinki Ice Rink directly from the airport. Laine was coaching team gymnasts in Canada, and she had never seen Minetti win victory live.

“And I didn’t see it now. I just came to get a medal. You have to dig in some video that you can see, ”Laine said.

Finns have won a total of eleven World Cup gold since 2000. The first World Championships in the sport were held in Helsinki at the time.

Laine had already done the Kalevala-themed choreography last spring, when the World Championships were supposed to be in Italy. Due to the pandemic, the Games were moved to Finland. There were no World Cups at all last year.

How hard was it to sell the Kalevala topic to young gymnasts?

“I’ve never sold anything. Gymnasts do what they are given to do. I didn’t think so that they should understand. The idea was that I wanted to teach. That’s why the theme went a little on the side of the Ateneum, ”Laine said.

Two years ago, Minetit practiced gold Jean Sibelius In the pace of Finland. Also now Laine used Sibelius’ music Tuonela’s Swan and Kullervo.

“I had the Kalevala theme in mind for a long time, but then I lost the related music and CD. Then I found these versions of Sibelius, ”Laine said.

Experienced The OVO Team from Espoo, with its oriental theme, was surprisingly left without a medal in fourth place with a total of 38,050 points.

“Team gymnastics is a kind of critique. I have to look at how the judges gave the points. We did our best performance of the season. The ranking was annoying. I just have to keep working hard for the next race. The home crowd today was absolutely amazing, ”said the captain of the Olari people Aurora Kapanen said.

Coach of the OVO Team Anneli Laine-Näätänen did not immediately melt the judges’ criticism.

“Let’s enjoy this. I think we were the best team, ”Laine-Näätänen told her gymnasts.

The other members of the OVO Team were Andrea Edman, Greta Hagberg, Aino Handelberg, Ulla Helin, Helmi Härkönen, Tytti Ilvessalo, Olivia Jensen, Angelica Kangas, Karla Kuuskoski, Emilia Kähkönen and Olivia Soini.

Russia’s Victoria won the World Championship for 14-16 year olds before the Minet Juniors.

Laine took double gold, as she was also responsible for Victorian choreography. The World Championship bronze went to the OVO Team in Olari, Espoo.

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