Gymnastics Simone Biles failed to jump and missed the team competition – According to the association, the cause is an injury that will be monitored daily

Scaffolding superstar Simone Biles was replaced on the U.S. team before the leaning trees.

USA gymnastics team superstar Simone Biles left the Olympics team competition due to injury.

Biles’s performance in the jump failed and he was replaced Jordan Chilesilla before the leaning trees, the boom, and the heirloom.

The International Gymnastics Federation FIG confirmed that Biles is no longer seen in the team competition. However, he will receive a medal if the US reaches the podium.

The United States The Gymnastics Association announced shortly thereafter that Biles ’interruption was due to an injury.

“His situation will be reviewed on a daily basis for upcoming competitions,” the union’s short press release said.

In the qualifiers, Biles became the first female gymnast since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics to survive the final in all six possible forms of scaffolding competitions.

Biles would have next in his program the finals of his number one multiplayer. That race is on Thursday.



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