Gymnastics Power athlete and tube star Jesse Pynnönen regrets the image of “150-kg two-meter hormone giants”

Jesse Pynnönen says in Suek’s blog that doping testing has increased the popularity of power sports.

Power athlete Jesse Pynnönen says Finnish Sports Ethics Center (Suek) on the blog their thoughts on doping and their own sport.

Pynnönen is a strength athlete, racer and tuber. Last year, Pynnönen won a bronze medal in Finland’s Strongest Man competition.

He is also the first Finn to break the 200 kg total limit in the extra weight jaw draw, when his own live weight and extra weight are included.

Among the merits of the food side is the world record of the monk’s eating. Pynnönen’s Jesse Eats feed channel has more than 154,000 subscribers.

Powerlifter it is unfortunate that hormones are combined with powerlifting in the minds.

“Many have an outdated image of strong men’s sports, with 150-kg two-meter hormone giants competing, and the sport is not perceived as a real sport,” Pynnönen writes.

Pynnönen points out that the sport has developed into a more modern and sporty one.

The Finnish Powerlifting Association was founded at the end of 2014. It started competitive activities under anti-doping activities in 2015.

Sports Federation websites according to the alliance is the world’s first strongest man and woman, organizer of traction and other similar power competitions, with an anti-doping program in accordance with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

According to Pynnönen, the transition to doping control has brought more enthusiasts.

“Now we have several weight classes, there are more and more women in the sport and young people are training this very sport.”

Still all over the world is not yet organized under doping control.

“Some in the world laugh that Finland took a step back with supervision. Personally, I see this on the contrary: we took a big step forward. ”

According to Pynnönen, sport culture is also being renewed internationally, and other countries, like Finland, have joined in doping control.

However, not all races are supervised. Pynnönen, who is subject to doping testing, also participates in uncontrolled competitions, but appreciates more success in those competitions where there is control.

“When I participate, I understand what rules go by.”



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