Grilling The best burgers of the summer have no meat – retrieve recipes for great fish and vegetable burgers

A Korean-flavored kuhapur, a nacho-rousing bean burger and a succulent zucchini halloumi burger pulls even a hardened meat burger into a wordless friend.

Five the star’s burger experience comes from a good-tasting bun, talkative good side dishes and sauces, and tasty fried steak. However, meat is not necessarily needed at all. The “steaks” of meatless burgers are now baked from canned beans, grated zucchini or pike fillet.

In making burgers, timing is important because the burger tastes warm at best. In addition, the roll rolls fairly quickly from the fillings loaded inside.

It is a good idea to always prepare the side dishes before starting the steaks. The muffler pan is great for making burgers. The large baking area can hold steaks as well as rolls that require heating.

Fiery the tasty cabbage salad succulents and spices the porridge. Korean gochujang chili paste, lime, garlic and ginger give mayonnaise a juicy cabbage salad with a familiar hint of kimchi. If no gochujangia is found in the store, you can replace it even with sriracha.

The stores offer a wide variety of burger rolls. A roll containing rye is best suited for this fish burger.

Burgers stuffed with fried pike fillets get their taste and juiciness from Korean-flavored cabbage salad.

Soft between the potato burger roll, you can taste the meaty tasty bean steak and the cherry tomato jam, made with a tabasco.

Making this burger is worth starting with cooking a ketchup-replacing jam. It is a good idea to pretend the jam for at least an hour in the refrigerator, so that it has time to solidify properly. The jam comes in a fair sat at once, and it stays in the fridge for at least a month.

In burgers stuffed with bean steaks, cherry tomato jam and cheddar cheese, Nachots crumble.

Grated hit steaks fried from zucchini and halloum fit very well between burgers. Grated lemon zest tunes the steaks wonderfully fresh.

Spread the finished hummus, vegetables to taste and a hot, graying-out zucchini steak on the roll.

The thin zucchini halloumi steaks fry wonderfully in the pan. They are stacked between the hamburger brushed with hummus in layers with other fillings.



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