Greens | Former vice-chairman Jaakko Mustakallio in the race for party secretary of the Green Party

The current party secretary Veli Liikanen told HS last week that he will not apply for an extension in his position. Mustakallio wants the greens to “add a sparkle to the corner of their eye.”

To his party former Vice President Jaakko Mustakallio seeks to unseat the Green party secretary at the June party meeting.

“The Greens lost 140,000 votes, most of them in their core support areas. I want to reform our organization in such a way that we can win 200,000 new voters in the next election,” Mustakallio tells HS.

According to him, the greens now need “more sparkle in the corner of the eye and a relaxed way of doing things”.

“We have to restore our strong position on platforms popular with young people that we once had. And when other parties also talk about the climate crisis, the purpose of existence must be clarified: Why exactly are we needed?”

Mustakallio currently works as a communications consultant. He is also the vice-chairman of the Tampere city council and a regional councilor in Pirkanmaa.

He says that he will leave the vice presidency and also the parliamentary election candidacy in the next elections, if he is elected party secretary.

Party secretary race has left before two other candidates, Anna Moring and Sonja Raitamäki.

Current party secretary Brother Liikanen told HS last weekthat he does not seek a continuation in the task.

“I already said on election night that I take responsibility for this crushingly bad election result,” Liikanen told HS on Friday.

The Greens will also elect a new chairman at the Seinäjoki party meeting. The current chairman Maria Ohisalo announced after the election that he would not seek another term.

Correction 26.4. at 10:23. Mustakallio is currently the vice-chairman of the Tampere city council and not the city board, as we told you before.

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