Green plants Ingrid Viertola, 37, from Espoo, has more than 300 houseplants at home – now she tells the best tips for the novice enthusiast

Ingrid Viertola from Espoo was interested in caring for green plants as a child. Now the home already has over 300 houseplants.

When enters a red wooden house in Nöykkiö, Espoo, is the first to feel cool. Ingrid Viertolan.37, home temperatures are intentionally twenty. The bedroom is even cooler. The reason is the plants that Viertola has over three hundred.

“When I bought the house, the real estate agent regretted that the basement was cold and in need of renovation, but I personally thought this was just perfect for my plants,” he says.

Viertola became interested in plants as a child. His mother made the plants bloom and also taught his daughter to care for traditional old-fashioned plants. When Viertola moved out of his childhood home to Tapiola at the age of 18, he bought a butterfly orchid on a whim. He read Esko Puupponen’s orchid book and rushed to the plants once and for all.

“That’s when, twenty years ago, guys said I have a grandmother’s hobby. Now the situation is different. ”

Ingrid Viertola studies the leaves of a broccoli plant.­

Viertola has sold and exchanged cuttings over the years. Hobby plants have become trendy. Young and men have started to become Viertola’s customers. According to Viertola, the corona pandemic has also clearly increased interest in plants.

“This is a really safe hobby at home.”

At first, the hobby required a lot of study and learning, but nowadays Viertola hardly looks at the care instructions.

“I was really excited and bought all the books I could find, but I found it not always worth believing. You have to learn by experimenting yourself. ”

Viertola spends several hours a week caring for its plants. In addition to irrigation and fertilization, plant care includes monitoring.

“Once you go through the plants once a week, you can react quickly if something is wrong. The plant will tell you if it has something to worry about. ”

Viertola does not plant all the plants again every year, but in the spring he peeks to the bottom of the pots.

“When there are a lot of roots and the plant is clearly cramped, it has to be planted in a bigger pot or divided.”

Viertola says that before the plants had to be made to bloom, but now everyone is interested in beautiful leaves and leaf patterns. Plants are also strongly associated with green decorating, how plants make them fit into the style of your home.

Porcelain flower ‘Mathilde’ and a stack of houseplant books on top of the living room cabinet.­

For a beginner According to Viertola, easy plants are, for example, gold vines. Ten years ago, no one wanted him to have their cuttings, but now they are trendy. Porcelain flowers are also easy.

“The most demanding end again are mats and Maija and sleeping mats.”

According to Viertola, the trendy troll leaf is not particularly difficult to care for. Among the vodkas in fashion, there are also easy plants, and ones that are not as demanding in terms of light.

“I don’t quite believe in green thumbs myself. Everyone can find their own plants in the same way that everyone can find their favorite wine. ”

“I once got the cops to my house.”

Viertolan according to most often it is enough that the plants leave in their own peace, but check regularly how they can. Home conditions, such as temperature and light, affect the comfort of plants. In Finland in particular, light is a challenge, in which case plant lights can be helpful.

“Nowadays, it is really easy to get pretty plant lights suitable for interior design as well. Even a LED strip can help. ”

Ten years ago, plant lights were large and mostly multicolored.

“I once got the cops to my house. The houseplants were then in the upstairs guest room under the purple plant light, ”Viertola laughs at the memory.

The Viertola bedroom has plants that need intensive care or that thrive in the cool. “I want to see the plants as soon as I wake up.”­

Light In terms of plants, plants have different needs, but according to Viertola, as a general rule, twelve hours of light per day can be considered. He suggests that a timer attached to a plant light is a good and inexpensive way.

“I also have a lot of plants that can’t be obtained from plant stores.”

Viertola mostly buys its plants in cuttings.

“In the beginning, the plant is not showy, but this way it adapts much better to the conditions of your own home.”

It is also easier to avoid pests when you start growing yourself from the beginning.

Viertola sells most of its plugs for a few euros. Some of the more special cuttings may cost hundreds of euros, but he does not sell them himself.

“I also have a lot of plants that you can’t get from plant stores, it’s also nice to vary them.”

“I have learned to appreciate the basic old plants and houseplants.”

More special Viertola has ordered cuttings from abroad or brought them from his travels. He works in the brewing industry and has traveled a lot for his job. Now travel and work have slowed down, and it has made him seriously consider switching.

“I have long dreamed that I would do plants profession. In this situation, it does not seem like an impossible idea at all. ”

In the past, Viertola liked to try rare and difficult plants, but now he has largely returned to basic plants.

“I have learned to appreciate the basic old plants and houseplants, those are not just allowed the vegetable stores, but that spread from the window to the window. Their positions is important it should be, and those I have recently grown a lot. “

Whereas before the plants filled all the corners of Viertola’s home, now she strives to keep only plants that really thrive in her home.


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