Great interest in development and social care

It is customary, when the government of the United Arab Emirates approves its annual budget projects, to focus on the social and development sectors, as they serve the human being and achieve the well-being of individuals, families and communities, through the development of the education, health, housing, and other infrastructure, transport and energy services that ultimately achieve targets. Sustainable development 2030. Finally, the Cabinet’s approval of the general budget of the Union for the years 2022-2026 with a total of 290 billion dirhams, and the adoption of the draft general budget of the Union for the fiscal year 2022, with estimated expenditures of fifty-eight billion nine hundred and thirty-one million dirhams, is the greatest indication of the government’s focus on Strengthening interest in the development and social benefits sector, which received the largest proportion of the budget, with a rate of more than 41 percent, distributed over the sectors of public and university education, social affairs, health, pensions, infrastructure, economic resources, and other services.

The largest percentage that went to the development and social welfare sector in the Union’s general budget 2022, is considered one of the largest at the regional and global levels, which confirms the continuation of the approach of our wise leadership in raising the living standards of individuals and societies, and providing them with all means of well-being. It is also at the same time an indication of the strength of the national economy and the abundance of sustainable resources needed to finance the state’s development projects, according to plans and projects that foresee the future, and aim to provide a decent life for citizens and residents, especially in the health and educational sectors, community development and housing programs, and all projects that enhance stability and quality. life.

The approval of the draft general federal budgets in the UAE has always sought to raise the efficiency of spending and direct it towards vital sectors, enhance the ability of government agencies to implement their programs efficiently and accurately, and develop sectors and activities that attract capital and encourage investments, according to periodic plans and smart services, which increase the rate of Customer satisfaction, providing prosperity, happiness and security for individuals, and making the UAE to be the best in the world, and society to be the happiest on the global level as well.

The adoption of the general budget of the Union for the years 2022-2026, and the draft general budget of the Union for the fiscal year 2022, and the ambitious projects it included, affirmed the endeavors towards strengthening the global leadership of the UAE, consolidating its competitiveness, maximizing its gains and achievements during the past fifty years, and entering the next fifty years. With systematic future visions, investing in people, anticipating challenges, and dealing with them with well-thought-out plans that meet the needs, support and empower all social groups, and at the same time promote growth, and accomplish more development and renaissance projects.

* On the “News of the Hour” bulletin issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.


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