Golf | Tiger Woods rains support: Presidents Obama and Trump, rivals and other sports stars remember the golf star

The presidents wished a speedy recovery to “the greatest of all-time golfers” and the “true champion”.

The United States former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump have taken note of the golf star Tiger Woodsin injury in a car accident.

Woods, who was driving at a fast speed, suffered serious injuries to his legs in a local accident on Tuesday morning after seven.

“I’m sending my prayers to Tiger Woods and his family tonight – a speedy recovery for the greatest golfer of all time,” Obama wrote On Twitter.

Trump also got his message on Twitter, even though the microblogging service permanently closed his account in early January. The message cared Trump’s advisor Jason Miller.

“Get better soon, Tiger. You are a true champion, ”Trump reported.

Trump commented accident to Fox News as well.

“This is very tragic,” Trump said.

“He has had to overcome many difficulties, but he has had an amazing life. And he will continue to do so. I understand his legs have been badly injured, but he will survive. ”

Accident took place near Los Angeles. The 45-year-old sports legend was in California filming a TV show for Discovery and Golf Digest.

Golf Digestin by Woods also hosted the tournament in the PGA Tour competition, which ended on Sunday. Woods underwent the fifth back surgery of his career in January and is not yet fit to play.

The recovering star has, of course, also received support from golf circles. A sporting legend that has won as many as 18 major tournaments Jack Nicklaus expressed concerns on their Twitter account.

“Barbara and I just heard about the Tiger accident, and like everyone else, we are deeply concerned,” Nicklaus wrote.

“We want to offer her heartfelt support and pray during this difficult time.”

Nicklaus is the only golfer to have achieved more major wins than 15-time major winner Woods.

On the PGA tour, Woods has won a total of 82 times. Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan commented Woods situation soon after the accident.

“Tiger is in our prayers and will get our full support for recovery,” Monahan, who was waiting for more information, said.

Woodsin competitor and friend Justin Thomas commented on the case at a press conference.

“My stomach touches. That kind of hurts when you hear one of your closest friends is in an accident. I just hope he’s okay, ”Thomas said according to the British newspaper The Guardian and expressed concern about Woods’ children.

Swedish golf star Henrik Stenson said Expressen his thoughts on Woods and his family.

“Golf is, of course, secondary at the moment. It feels hard to say anything in this situation other than that we keep our hands crossed so things can go as well as they can. ”

The Swedish newspaper also reached out Jesper Parnevikin and Annika Sörenstamin. Parnevik, who rivals Tusconi, said everyone was in shock because of the accident.

“It’s clear you’re worried and upset. I wish him absolutely nothing but the best, but I’m thinking also of his children. When he is as big as Tiger, many people forget that he is above all a father. ”

“I think of him, keep my arms crossed and hope he’s doing well,” Sörenstam said.

Golf star a former girlfriend, an alpine skier who has finished her career Lindsey Vonn commented accident briefly on their Twitter account.

“I’m praying for Tiger now,” he wrote.

Also a boxing legend Mike Tyson sent his greetings to Woods.

“Fight like the champion you are for your children and the world,” Tyson wrote To their Twitter account.

Woods has made headlines with his cars in the past as well.

Happened in November 2009 accident led to a scandal when Woods confessed to her women’s adventure, lost her partners and announced that she would take a break from golf.

Woods has also been arrested at the wheel after falling asleep and he has been found guilty of reckless driving.

At least in the accident on Tuesday, there were no immediate indications that Woods was not fit to drive.


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