Golf | Tiger Woods brings his 11-year-old son to a pair competition on a nationwide TV channel: “It’s been great to follow his progress”

Father and son Woods are playing an invitational competition under Christmas in Orlando, Florida, where 20 species value tournament winners are playing with their family members.

Golfin friends thought the Masters, which ended last Sunday in a special way, would be To Tiger Woods last race of the year.

On Thursday, however, it became known that Woods will be playing a competition under Christmas, which will probably be very pleasing to him.

Woods attends his 11-year-old son Charlien with the PNC Championship, an invitational competition for major winners and their children or parents, which has been running for 25 years.

“I can not tell you how excited I am to joining to play with Charlie’s first official competition. It has been great to follow his progress as a junior player, ”Woods said of the news agency AP.

Woods has so far kept her children, Charlie and her 13-year-old daughter Samin, mostly out of public view, but in recent years they have been seen from time to time in the audience watching their father ‘s main competitions.

When Woods achieved his 15th major victory in April last year, he received long congratulatory hugs from his children in front of TV cameras.

Now Woods is bringing Charlie to the limelight as 20 racing pairs of the PNC Championship are televised live in the United States on the nationwide NBC channel.

Previously this year, an amateur video, sneaking from afar, appeared on social media, in which Charlie hits the ball with delightful technique in the practice area of ​​the junior event next to his father, who works as a caddiena.

According to media reports, Charlie has participated in junior races with good success.

Returning in mid-July after a crown break to compete, Woods told Golf Digest and In an interview with Golftv having played a lot of golf with Charlie.

“I’ll beat him so far,” Woods said with a smile. “But he’s starting to get into the game. He begins to understand how to play. He asks me the right questions. It’s been absolutely great to play and be with him. It’s a lot like doing things for me and my dad, ”Woods said, speaking of his father’s genuine pride.

Woods revealed that there are things in offspring swing technique that he would be happy to take on for himself.

“I wish I had his movement. I analyze his swing all the time. I wish I could twist and turn my head like he did and do some of those positions. But those days are long gone, and now I have to live them through him again, ”Father Woods said with a smile and admitted to being his son’s coach.

In Masters Woods played the last seven holes in a very exceptional way. In the very difficult 12th hole, he used as many as ten strokes after slipping the ball into the water three times.

He then twisted five birdies in the remaining six holes and climbed to share the 38th place.


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