Golf | There was a special situation in the PGA Tour of Golf: the ball flew too slowly into the hole – the birdie was missed

The birdie strike by South Korean Si Wo Kim turned into a par stroke according to the rules.

Golfin there are a variety of specialties in the rules, one of which was followed on Saturday at the PGA Tour competition at Hilton Head, South Carolina. South Korean Si Wo Kimin the birdie stroke turned into a par stroke. The reason was that the ball went into the hole too slowly, he says

Kim hit his third stroke on par-4 just outside the putting zone. The ball eventually rolls right to the base of the hole. Kim and her partner played Matt Kuchar went to look at the situation in the hole. So did the racket boys of both players.

The ball seemed to move very slowly and finally, after about 55 seconds, it fell into the hole. Kim and Kuchar laughed, but the joy was short-lived: according to the rules, the ball must fall into the hole within ten seconds. Now the ball made its short distance of 45 seconds too slowly. According to the rules, it became a one-hit penalty.

Kuchar still tried to justify Kim in order for the birdie to be accepted.

“No moving ball can be hit.”

The tournament judge relied on the rules book and the penalty kick remained in effect.

Kim wasn’t embarrassed by this, as on the very next fairway she made an approved birdie.

“There you go. There was no need to wait for it to fall into the hole. I would say he deserved this, ”the PGA tour narrator said according to

Kim is -4 after three rounds. At the forefront of the competition is the United States Stewart Zinc, –18.

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