Golf | The world star hit his ball in the race to the pool – admitted to his difficulties the amazing game movement

This time, Rory McIlroy is not expected to achieve the missing major victory in the Masters

Northern Irish Rory McIlroy has been one of the best and most popular golfers in the world for over a decade and also ranked number one on the world list along the way.

Under the Masters of the first major race of the year has been a bustle for many years, either McIlroy will be able to pile up the so-called career grand Slamin.

It’s an achievement only five players have been able to and means winning all four major races at least once.

Bridge times everything is different for 31-year-old McIlroy. He began his career on Thursday in a 13th Masters situation where expectations for victory are lower than for a long time.

This is because McIlroy’s game performances have been badly out of tune in recent races.

The reason McIlroy has said a point that many are amazed at.

Less than a month ago, McIlroy said his punching technique has gone off track because he started imitating his American counterpart Bryson DeChambeauta.

For more than a year now, DeChambeau has been buzzing with systematic acquisition increasing muscle mass and hitting the ball as a result further than others.

When DeChambeau won the major competition at the US Open with his strength golf last year, it was clear that he was getting mimics from a tough level of pros.

It was surprising, however, that McIlroy also embarked on this path, hitting the ball with what many consider to be a divinely fine swing, and who was already one of the longest-beating top players.

McIlroy admitted he was trying to get more speed into his swing to hit the ball further.

“I would be lying if I said this has nothing to do with what Bryson did at the US Open,” McIlroy said in mid-March at The Players after playing his worst first-round result in eight years.

McIlroy said he began pursuing extra speed in October last year, shortly after the US Open.

“I got more speed and hit the ball further, but it might not have been a good thing how it affected the swing as a whole. Now I kind of fight to get out of it. ”

McIlroy has achieved four major victories in his career, but they came in 2011-2014.

He has since won prestigious competitions, but his most recent victory was in November 2019.

Like everyone else, his tone has been wavy, but this season the go has been exceptionally slow by his standards. Now he has long fallen out of the top ten on the world list.

In the last race, his ball ended up outside the field area in the pool.

Repair shops McIlroy set out by hiring a well-known front-line expert for his coaching team Pete Cowanin, with whom he had dealt before.

On the eve of the Masters, McIlroy said at a media meeting that he was now making a kind of return to the past with the help of Cowan.

“Actually, I try to get away from a lot of technical ideas. It seems that I have simplified the entire process. We’ve looked a lot backwards to get ahead, ”McIlroy said.

He also said he returned to what had to be done, for example, in 2014, when he won two majors, The Open Championship in Liverpool and the US PGA Championship.

“It’s not about magically digging in there and bringing it all to life,” McIlroy said.

Finland female number one player Matilda Castrenin coach Petteri Nykky regards McIlroy’s pursuit of extra meters and subsequent game moves as a “young man’s nonsense.”

“He wasn’t fully committed to that change and seems to have come to the conclusion that his bet is already good enough. This was probably the kind of thing that comes to a person when they want to be the best in the world, ”said Nykky, better known as a floorball coach. Under his leadership, the Finnish men have won three World Cup gold.

Today, McIlroy is in a temporary recession.

“I think he’s already pretty tough at the Masters. Yes he can still play. The doing was probably momentarily scattered, ”Nykky said before McIlroy had started the race.

McIlroy’s contract at the Augusta National Field in the 85th Masters in Georgia took place on Thursday night Finnish time.

On the first hole, his opening ended up on the fairway, but on the next two, it sank right into the woods. In the first four holes, he made par scores until the fifth came after the first Bogi approach shot failed. Bogits were also born in the next two holes.

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