Golf | The players on the billion tour are worried about the points in the world ranking – they can’t get those with money

In their petition, the LIV players make a comparison with football.

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Monetary doesn’t solve everything, even on the LIV tour, considered by many to be a kind of market disruptor for men’s professional golf.

Operating with billions borrowed from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign fund, the LIV tour has attracted big-name and lesser-known players to its ranks with huge sums of money.

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Now these players are worried as their access to future majors to pursue the sport’s most prestigious wins is getting more difficult week by week.

This is because you don’t get world ranking points from LIV tour races. When a player doesn’t get them, his ranking on the world list sinks. And if you are not in the top 50 in the world ranking, getting a place in the major competitions is difficult to say the least.

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Places for the Olympics are also allocated based on the world ranking.

Points on the world list are distributed in a total of 23 bigger and smaller tours in different parts of the world, but the LIV tour, which started its operations this year, is not among them.

LIV has applied for admission to the world list, but it received a negative answer in August.

For LIV, it is problematic, among other things, that its competitions only have 54 holes, i.e. three-round competitions (72 holes on other tours), there are only 48 players and no one Qualifies in the middle of the competition, as in traditional tours.

Last last week, the players of the LIV tour sent a letter to the chairman of the board of the OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking), the organization that runs the world rankings To Peter Dawson letter, in which it was appealed for the LIV tour to start awarding world ranking points.

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The letter justified the importance of LIV by, among other things, looking for an analogy from football.

“The OWGR without the LIV tour is as incomplete and flawed as a Fifa ranking without Belgium, Argentina and England,” the letter says.

The letter also reminds us that several major winners play at LIV and that the level of the tour compares favorably with the average PGA Tour competition.

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