Golf | The fan took the racket from Rory McIlroy’s golf bag – “Honestly, it was a lot of fun”

An unknown spectator spoke on the morning of the second day of the Scottish Open.

World one of the top golfers Rory McIlroyn the tournament at the Scottish Open got a special twist on Friday morning.

McIlroy was preparing for his first fairway of the day with his caddy Harry Diamondin and its competitors Jon Rahmin with. Suddenly a completely unknown man appeared among them among the fans.

The trio looked stunned as he grabbed the racket from McIlroy’s golf cart and headed aside as the other men.

The Guardian according to the man hit with a racket a couple of practice shots until the security guards escorted him out of the field. The police are investigating the matter.

Rahm commented casually on the case.

“It was early in the morning and there are some areas on the field that fans are trying to take advantage of. For the most part, Scots love golf, and would never try that. He must have thought it was a fun idea. And to be honest, it was a lot of fun, ”Rahm said.

According to Rahm, the security measures seemed good, but on golf courses the same might still happen.

“His timing was good and he walked to the scene feeling very confident. We all thought maybe he was supposed to be in it. ”

“Rory finally started playing great. It didn’t affect anyone. ”



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